KMS Constitution

Province of British Columbia
Form 1
Society Act


  1. The name of the society is KELOWNA GENERAL HOSPITAL.
  2. The purposes of the KELOWNA MEDICAL SOCIETY are as follows:
    1. to promote the highest quality of health care delivery for the Central Okanagan Regional District;
    2. to advance the scientific, educational and professional welfare of the medical profession;
    3. to promote the integrity and honour of the medical profession;
    4. to recognize outstanding contribution and service to the medical profession and community;
    5. to collect and preserve archival material and artifacts of the Society, affiliated sections, societies, members and former members of the Society;
    6. to charge and collect fees, to receive donations and to expend funds to defray expenses and to promote and further any of the purposes of the Society;
    7. to provide financial, advisory or other assistance to individuals or groups having a purpose or purposes similar or beneficial to those of the Society;
    8. to perform other such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the above purposes and to the welfare of the public and of the medical and allied professions whether within or outside the Central Okanagan Regional District;
  3. The Society is not entitled to declare or pay any dividend or make any other distribution of any of its income, property or assets to any member (except on receipt of full and valuable consideration). This paragraph is unalterable.
  4. In the event of liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the Society, after all debts of the Society have been paid and the income, property and assets remaining have been paid or transferred to such non-profit organizations and/or registered charities, as defined under the Income Tax Act (Canada) as determined by the members of the Society by special resolution. This paragraph is unalterable.